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Q:1  How likely is it that some of the new windows or doors may not work properly during a storm.
A:1  Everything sold by Florida Impact Windows and Doors meets or exceeds the latest building code requirements. These new code requirements actually require that all impact windows and doors perform in storms stronger than a category five hurricane. What this means is that there has not ever been a reported failure of one of the doors or windows sold by Florida Impact Windows and Doors.
Q:2  Since the glass is thicker than the type found in old style windows are they not as transparent and clear?
A:2  Although there are two layers of glass joined by a transparent sheet of very tough plastic all three layers are 100% transparent and do not cause any obstruction of your view.
Q:3  I understand that the glass is stronger but is it possible that the wind could just blow the entire unbroken window into the house?
A:3  Impact windows are more than just stronger glass. They are fastened to your home or condo in an entirely different way than old fashioned windows. Impact windows are securely attached to the structure of your home and not lightly fastened the way your old windows are.
Q:4  Wouldn’t storm shutters offer even more protection than just the strong glass used in impact windows?
A:4  Actually the opposite is true! If you were to purchase the strongest storm shutters in the world they may resist flying debris just as well as an impact window but shutters offer absolutely no protection from the sudden pressure changes caused by hurricanes. With storm shutters in place ordinary windows are subject to powerful pressure changes that they are not made to withstand. Old fashioned windows can pop out as the eye of the hurricane passes and the pressure drops. Since impact windows become a part of the structure of your home or condo they cannot be popped out by pressure changes.
Q:5  If our budget forces us to buy the least expensive impact windows how will this affect the quality of the windows.
A:5  The most expensive impact windows and the least expensive impact windows are all still going to live up to the very rigorous testing of the Florida building codes. The difference in the price has to do with the cosmetic appearance of the windows and the type of hardware used such as the window opening handles.
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