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Contractor Checklist

Here is a list of things you should verify and check with your contractor:



  • Is the contractor licensed in the catagory of work you are requesting?
  • Verify that the license is still current and in good standing.
  • Verify that the holder of the license legally qualifies the company you are hiring.



  • Does the contractor have liability and workers compensation insurance?



  • Does the contractor have at least 5 years experience replacing windows and doors in South Florida?



  • Ask if all of the contractor's installers are employees or subcontractors.
  • If they use subcontractors be sure to get proof that the subcontractors are all licensed and fully insured.
  • Be sure you are hiring them to do a complete installation so that you won't need someone else to finish any details such as stucco or drywall repair.
  • Be sure that the window replacement will include replacement of any rotted wood.
  • Find out their policy about replacement of broken window sills.



  • Can the contractor provide the name, phone number, and addresses of their most recent past customers. References from from a window installation company will show the type of work and customer service they provide.
  • Does the contractor's written contract detail every aspect of the installation.
  • Be sure to check that the contractor’s license number is printed on the contract that you are asked to sign.
  • Make sure the installation contract explains when payments are due.


Other Important Topics of Discussion For Your Installation Professional.

  • Check to see if the contractor is an authorized dealer for the products that are to be installed.
  • Be sure that everything is done with a permit.
  • How much does the contractor charge for permitting?
  • Verify that the name of the contractor you hired is the same as the contractor named on the permit.
  • When the installation is completed be sure that the contractor will schedule the final permit inspection with the city.
  • Before you sign a contract find out about the warranties on the products and the installation work.
  • Be sure to find out how long the warranties will continue to be in effect.
  • It is best to find a contractor that will also service the products they install.
  • How long has the contractor been in business?
  • Be sure that there is a written contract that outlines all of the details of the work to be done